2016 SWMA Annual Meeting Documents

Necessary documents for the 2016 SWMA Annual Meeting, including the agenda, will be posted approximately one month before the meeting is to take place. If documents are not available at this time, please check back closer to the actual meeting date.

Download 2017 SWMA Agenda
Download 2017 SWMA Registration Form

Archived Reports from Past Meetings:

SWMA Laws and Regulations Committee

L&R Committee Agenda
    L&R Committee Appendix A
    L&R Committee Appendix B
L&R Committee Report Template

SWMA Specifications and Tolerances Committee

S&T Committee Agenda
    S&T Committee Appendix A
S&T Committee Report Template

SWMA Professional Development Committee

PD Committee Agenda
PD Committee Report Template

Proposals to  Amend NCWM Bylaws and NTEP Administrative Policy
NOTE: These proposals are made directly to the NCWM Board of Directors or NTEP Committee, but the submitter has invited your region to review.  Individual or regional comments may be submitted by email to don.onwiler@ncwm.net.